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Chris is an experienced trainer who specialises in fitness, strength, mobility and injury rehabilitation. His unique approach to training combines mobility drills, neurological techniques, muscle activation, crawling and high intensity calisthenics.

Chris has worked as a coach' background has been as a coach, personal trainer, Chinese medicine practitioner and entrepreneur. He has built a business around PrimalThenics, a unique and highly effective style of training he created drawing from his clinical musculoskeletal rehabilitation skills and coaching experience.

Chris has tailored his training to serve high performing athletes in a range of professional teams including the Wallabies, National Rugby League teams and other Olympic athletes.

As the Northern Territory Rugby 7s strength and conditioner, Chris created an unparalleled Rugby 7s specific program for optimal performance.


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Chris Miller using Primal movements for strength and mobility

To read more about Chris' training philosophy and approach, visit the PrimalThenics website:

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