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Kon is an entrepreneur with a huge passion for the development of businesses, people and rugby sevens. 

Kon is an entrepreneur with a huge passion for the development of businesses, people and rugby sevens. 


Since returning from the UK in 2005, Kon set himself up in the Whitsundays with a desire to work and live in one of the best parts of the world.


Kon now operates a renewables business from the Whitsundays with 3 office locations across the Northern QLD region. 


During this time Kon has always travelled for sevens tournaments as a player and now manager or coach of men's and women's teams.


While operating out of the Whitsundays Kon has been a major sponsor of the Whitsunday Raiders rugby union club, also Captain, President and Coach throughout the period.


Kon's true sporting passion is sevens rugby union and its unique ability to build strong bonds and huge growth in short periods of time within a group of people.


Kon has been involved in the Country King Browns men's and women's program since inception and also successfully ran a Northern Queensland womens sevens program, the BMW 7s.


Kon has always used his business endeavours to fund his sporting passion and has been a big contributor in enabling remotes players or groups access to sevens rugby pathways.


Kon is an activator and motivator that gets things done. His unique skillset enables the Elite 7s program to deliver on its obligations and achieve while maintaining a fantastic atmosphere for those involved.

Green Energy Technologies

2005 - current

Owner | Director

Whitsunday Rugby Union Club

2010 - 2018

Player | Coach | Manager

Country King Brown 7s, Bali Legends 7s, Meekong Pirates 7s

2005 - 2010

Player | Coach | President

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